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Archive for April 2000

The Active Range Warm-Up: Getting Hotter With Time

In the early days of group fitness when everyone wore leg warmers and exercised to Jane Fonda tapes, the warm-up portion of a typical cardio conditioning class included moves borrowed from ballet, jazz dance and yoga. Unending head turns, plié squats, bouncing side bends and inverted calf stretches in the downward dog position were all part and parcel of the typical “aerobic dance” warm-up.

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Memorize and Be Memorable

You’re a whiz at creating choreography. Now if only you could remember the combinations every time you taught. Or maybe you’re one of those people who can remember every face you see, but when you have to put a name to a face, your memory freezes.

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Invading My Personal Space

What do I do if a class participant does not appreciate the fact that I have set boundaries around my personal life? Most of my participants understand I am their instructor, not their counselor, best friend or mom. But every so often someone comes along who asks intimate questions, waylays me when I work out, comes early and stays late to chat about personal troubles, or queries other staff and members about me. In one extreme case I even had a client who developed an obvious crush on me and became a major nuisance.

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Indoor Cycling: Guidelines & Safety Suggestions

Indoor cycling has “spun” a revolution in group exercise. Cycling’s reputation as a challenging, no-frills activity, enjoyed by beginners and elite athletes alike, has made it a welcome addition to group exercise schedules around the globe. But indoor cycling is still evolving. For this activity as for any group workout, instructors need to design fun, high-energy classes without compromising safety. Unfortunately, some recent cycling trends may, in fact, be contributing to injuries among participants.

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