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Cedric X. Bryant, PhD, FACSM

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7 Ways We All Can Bridge the Gap

June 15, 2017

Over the course of writing this column, I’ve had the opportunity to interview 60-plus experts from a variety of fields, including medicine, nutrition, exercise science, fitness and psychology. In this, the final installment of the series, I highlight major themes and key insights that professionals across the healthcare continuum use to help clients bridge their personal gaps and challenges.

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Physical Literacy Is a Journey, Not a Destination

May 19, 2017

Steve Boyle is the CEO of the National Association of Physical Literacy (NAPL) and principal/founder of 2-4-1 Sports, a national organization that teaches children physical literacy using sports sampling through camps, clinics and school-based programming. Recently recognized by the Aspen Institute’s Sports & Society Program as one of eight model programs in the United States in the original Project Play report, 2-4-1 Sports embodies its motto, Life’s 2 Short 4 Just 1 Sport

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A Team Approach to Wellness

April 19, 2017

Lisa Dougherty is the founder of the Medical Fitness Network (MFN). This mostly volunteer‐driven project is supported by more than 100 national businesses. Dougherty's vision is to improve the quality of lives of many millions of people by connecting them with fitness and allied health professionals who have a background in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of chronic diseases, medical conditions and disabilities, as well as in the management of women's health issues, including prenatal and postpartum care.

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The Best of Times Are Yet to Come

March 21, 2017

Anytime Fitness CEO Chuck Runyon helped to revolutionize the fitness industry when he and Dave Mortensen co-founded the juggernaut brand in 2002. Now massive in scale and influence, Anytime's success grew by focusing on a model of smaller neighborhood gyms that emphasized convenience, affordability, quality equipment and personable service in friendly, nonintimidating facilities.

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The Power of Mindset

February 15, 2017

Alexis Batrakoulis, MS, CSCS, RCPT*E, ACSM–CPT, EP–C and ACE Certified Health Coach, has been involved in the fitness industry since 1995 and currently works as an educator, speaker, author, technical expert and exercise for health specialist throughout Greece and worldwide. He is the personal training education director at the Greek Athletic & Fitness Training School (GRAFTS), which is an accredited vocational training provider and the national leader in fitness certifications in Greece.

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To Help Clients Succeed, Keep Change Simple

January 19, 2017

Samuel L. Berry, MS, is a Master Trainer for the American Council on Exercise and for Functional Movement Systems. He serves a wide range of clients and athletes aged 11—81 who are working toward a variety of objectives. In addition to his roles as a trainer and educator, he has contributed to publications for Harvard Medical School, Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine, PTontheNet.com and prominent peer–reviewed publications such as The Journal of Pediatrics.

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Improving Health Behaviors

December 13, 2016

Laura DeFina, MD, FACP, is president and CEO of The Cooper Institute®, as well as its chief science officer. After practicing general internal medicine and geriatrics, she joined The Cooper Institute in 2009 to pursue her interests in prevention and research related to healthy aging. Since then, she has authored manuscripts on, among other topics, brain health, healthy aging, depression, cardiorespiratory fitness and injury in physically active women.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

October 26, 2016

Dan Kleckner is the co–owner of Kutting Edge Fitness in Kirkland, Washington. He has a bachelor's degree in applied health science from Montana Tech of the University of Montana and is a certified exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine. He is also a Level 2 Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Professional. He has been a fitness coach for the past 10 years and has been mentored by some of the top fitness business professionals and golf fitness professionals in the country.

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Lifestyle Medicine Is a Team Sport

September 20, 2016

Elizabeth (Liz) Joy, MD, MPH, FACSM, is the medical director for community health and clinical nutrition at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City. Dr. Joy practices family medicine and sports medicine at the LiVe Well Center at Salt Lake Clinic. She is an adjunct professor at the University of Utah in the department of family and preventive medicine. She completed a family medicine residency and primary care sports medicine fellowship at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis and earned her master's degree in public health at the University of Utah.

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Changing Our Behavior So Clients Can Change Theirs

August 25, 2016

Sherry Pagoto, PhD, is an associate professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, co–founder of the UMass Center for mHealth and Social Media, a licensed clinical psychologist, and an expert in behavioral counseling for obesity. She has had a federally funded research program on obesity and cancer prevention for 14 years and has published 146 papers on these topics.

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Collaborating for Meaningful, Lasting Change

June 20, 2016

As ACE president and CEO, Scott Goudeseune leads the senior management team and provides vision and direction for the organization’s strategic plans. He sees the number of health and fitness professionals increasing and their impact expanding through a growing number of partnerships within and outside the fitness industry and across the healthcare and workplace wellness spectrum. He is committed to working with policymakers to promote changes that lead to a healthier America.

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Creating Sustainable Change

May 6, 2016

Sabrena Jo, MS, has been actively involved in the fitness industry since 1987. An ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Jo teaches group exercise, performs as an aerialist, owns and operates her own personal training business, has managed fitness departments in commercial facilities, and has lectured to university students and established fitness professionals.

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Be a Source of Evidence-Based Dietary Information

April 22, 2016

Dominique Adair, MS, RD, is a private-practice nutrition and fitness
adviser, an educator, a public speaker and media consultant, and a
freelance health and nutrition writer. Since 1990, she has helped to
guide hundreds of clients through in-person and digital counseling, and
she has established herself as an internationally recognized speaker on
nutrition, metabolism and fitness.

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A Simple, Attainable Action Plan

March 21, 2016

Jinger S. Gottschall, PhD, earned her doctoral degree in integrative physiology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and furthered her academic career as a postdoctoral fellow in neurophysiology at the Emory University School of Medicine. She is currently an associate professor at Pennsylvania State University, University Park, with a research focus on the effectiveness of various exercise regimes.

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Physical Activity: Moving Toward Obesity Solutions

February 18, 2016

In 2015, the National Academy of Med-icine hosted a 2-day public workshop in Washington, DC, entitled “Physical Activity: Moving Toward Obesity Solutions.” Experts from around the world summarized the science demonstrating physical activity’s (PA) impact in the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity, and highlighted innovative strategies for promoting PA across all segments of the population.

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Physical Activity: Moving Toward Obesity Solutions

January 20, 2016

In 2015, the National Academy of Medicine hosted a 2-day public work- shop in Washington, DC, entitled “Physical Activity: Moving Toward Obesity Solutions.” The event brought together preeminent researchers from around the world to provide an expert summary of the science demonstrating physical activity’s (PA) impact in the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity, and to highlight innovative strategies for promoting PA across all segments of the population.

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Building Positive Client Experiences

December 13, 2015

Pete McCall, MS, CSCS, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and longtime educator in the fitness industry. For the past 15 years, he has dedicated himself to helping clients improve their fitness levels and educating fitness professionals in countries ranging from Russia to Thailand. Prior to starting his own personal training and consulting business, McCall served as an exercise physiologist for ACE, where he was instrumental in helping to develop the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® Model and contributing to the ACE Personal Trainer Manual (4th Edition).

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Overcoming Misconceptions

October 22, 2015

Eduardo Sanchez, MD, MPH, FAAFP, serves as the American Heart Association’s (AHA) chief medical officer for prevention. Prior to joining AHA, Sanchez served as vice president and chief medical officer for BlueCross BlueShield of Texas and, before that, as director of the Institute for Health Policy at the University of Texas School of Public Health. From 2001 to 2006, he served as state health officer of Texas, where he led the consolidation of public health, mental health and substance abuse agencies into one single agency: the Texas Department of State Health Services.

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Toward a Minimum Standard of Practice

September 23, 2015

Cliff Collins serves as director of programmes for EuropeActive (formerly the European Health and Fitness Association) and the European Register of Exercise Professionals, an independent registry of all instructors, trainers and teachers working across Europe in the fitness industry. Collins has spent much of his career ensuring that health and fitness professionals in his home…

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Lifestyle Medicine Is a “Team Sport”

August 28, 2015

Edward Phillips, MD, is the founder and director of the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine (ILM) and assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School. A fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, Phillips serves on the executive council that developed the organization’s Exercise is Medicine™ global initiative. He is an active…

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