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Hip Hook

The Real Deal Behind the Hip Hook

November 30, 2021

“The Hip Hook is the first and only muscle release tool for both the psoas and iliacus muscles—the primary hip flexors. You can’t relax one without relaxing the other,” explains Koth.

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Tim Rochford, MS, Kellie Walters, PhD, and Sherri Sherock

Member Spotlight: November 2021

November 10, 2021

Tim Rochford, MS Member Since 1988  ::  Phoenix Tim Rochford’s mission—as a martial artist and fitness professional—is to empower people through training, education and experience. He has practiced martial arts since 1978 (he currently holds a 7th-degree black belt in kajukenbo/kajukenpo karate) and has taught self-defense and group fitness classes and been a personal trainer…

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Nicole Krum with her mom and aunts

Meet a Team Member: Nicole Krum

November 8, 2021

If we could measure warmth and vibrancy, our inspired service specialist Nicole Krum would no doubt score off the charts. A call to our office means likely encountering her kind support as she seamlessly ushers you through IDEA member services.

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MELT method for business

Get Your Biz in Shape! Success Secrets From MELT

September 3, 2021

The vast majority of you are not only fitness professionals—you’re entrepreneurs, too. That’s quite a balancing act depending on your knowledge and comfort level when it comes to building, marketing and running a successful business. At MELT, we’ve been there—first as our creator Sue Hitzmann figured out her own business game plan and now, decades…

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MELT method class

Experience MELT: The What, How and Why of MELT

August 9, 2021

If you’re wondering what a MELT class is like, it’s not a silly question. Chances are MELT will feel familiar but also unlike anything else you’ve done before. We use a soft roller, but MELT is not foam rolling. We’re moving our bodies, but it’s not stretching and we don’t even consider it a workout. So no wonder there’s a bit of mystery around what it’s actually like.

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Merrithew Breathing Exercises

Breathe More Efficiently and Effectively While Exercising

August 9, 2021

Breathing is something we do every minute without actively or consciously thinking about it, but it’s a fascinating process that is essential to life. Here we look at some of the different breathing techniques and explain how you and your clients can harness the breath to calm the mind, fuel the body and gain a competitive edge.

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