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Sarah Kolvas

Kymberly Williams-Evans, PhD (ABD) has been a fitness professional on four continents, in four languages, for four decades on land, at sea and across the airwaves. After years of co-hosting an online radio program (Active Aging for BoomChickaBoomers), she reports having interviewed scads of great guests and two really bad ones.

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Seniors trained for travel.

Fit to Travel: Exercises for Seniors

May 18, 2021

Programming exercises for seniors is more important than ever, especially now that travel is opening up again, but your clients may not have kept up with their workouts over this last year. Here are some great ways to prepare your active agers for more adventure. 

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Fitness Class Schedule

Adding a Class to Your Schedule

May 13, 2020

Whether you’re an instructor wanting to add a class to your schedule or a manager feeling pressured to find the right personality and the best fit for an opening, knowing how others handle this decision may guide you to that “perfect match.” Fortunately, experienced program directors from around the world are willing to share their strategies and suggestions.

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A Setup for Successful Subbing

September 27, 2018

If you teach an ongoing group fitness class, inevitably you’ll need a sub. Odds are also strong that you’ll be a substitute at times throughout your teaching career. Whether you are subbing out or subbing in, you want the experience to be the best one possible—for your class, the other instructor and yourself.

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7 Keys to Outstanding Boomer Workouts

January 19, 2017

Do you teach or train generally healthy, moderate- to high-functioning baby boomers? Or are you thinking of directing more of your efforts to exercisers over 50? If so, be among the first to learn targeted principles you can weave into clients’ or class participants’ workouts.

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7 Principles for Outstanding Boomer Workouts

December 12, 2016

Do you teach or train generally healthy, moderate- to high-functioning baby boomers? Or are you thinking of directing more of your efforts to exercisers over 50? If so, be among the first to learn targeted principles you can weave into clients' or class participants' workouts.
Whether you're a small-class leader, a one-on-one trainer or a group fitness instructor, applying seven specific principles will allow you to offer the most effective sessions for midlifers and older boomers.

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Get On Online Radio

January 1, 2012

Sample Guest Introductions
The following intro bios worked well because they are concise, easily read aloud and written to be heard, which is different from written to be read silently.

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Taking Over a Tricky Class

October 1, 2011

Congrats! You’ve been asked to take over a key class for a popular outgoing instructor. The transition, however, promises to be a tough one. The participants love the current teacher, they hate change, and they’ve never heard of you. However skilled you are, you are walking into a challenge. Participants want the outgoing teacher forever. Unfortunately and undeservedly, they threaten to unleash their fears on you. Don’t walk out—and don’t let them leave either! With a few takeover transition tips, you can win over the class and make it your own.

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Everything Is Negotiable

June 30, 2011

Do you deserve a raise, but your manager says, “No way, it’s not happening; our policy limits us”? Have you heard no to higher pay once too often? Fantastic! You now have one no out of the way and are closer to yes. Come out on top by looking past pay-per-hour to other types of compensation. Remember, everything is negotiable. Get past pseudo obstacles such as the idea that no to more money means no to more rewards.

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Take Advantage of Boomer Trends

March 1, 2008

How can you take advantage of trends in and out of the fitness industry to best serve your baby boomer clients? Before answering, let's blitz through some brief history. Which generation pushed, pulled and grapevined adult exercise into the mainstream? If you knew it was baby boomers, you have been paying attention.

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When Teaching “Failure” Leads to Success

October 31, 2004

Every experienced instructor knows the multitasking involved when teaching to multiple levels in one class. Teaching resistance training to a class requires the skill of several personal trainers all wrap-ped into one instructor. Within a year or two, I predict, we will see “leveled” group strength training classes just as we have “beginning, intermediate and advanced” classes for other workout modes. But until then we have to deal with a wide range of abilities, strengths and goals—and what a challenge that can be!

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write right

September 30, 2004

All fitness professionals need to write a cover letter or short document at some point. Your abilities as a trainer, teacher or manager are judged by your written words. But are your cover letters making the best possible impression? Do you know how to fashion a document to get the response you want from your readers? Are you as confident with your writing as you are with your fitness skills? If not, take heart! This article provides tips for increasing the effectiveness and readability of your written communication.

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Maximizing Motivation, Minimizing Fear

January 31, 2002

Maximizing Motivation, Minimizing Fear
By Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA


omething is amiss in our industry. Despite constant confirmation that physical activity improves health, our population is getting less and less fit. According to retention and adherence expert Rod Dishman, PhD, head of the exercise psychology lab at the University of Georgia, exercise habits haven’t changed much in the past…

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