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Creative Ideas That Inspire

At Gymbox™ in London, members experience the dance sensation

Nae Nae.

The celebratory dance was invented by Atlanta-based quintet We Are Toonz, and it features cardio dance moves.

Inspired by punk rock days of yore,


takes place in the back room of Otto’s Shrunken Head, a New York City tiki bar. The class is 45 minutes long and consists of 13 intervals. Instructor Tim Haft modifies the HIIT movements to accommodate all fitness levels. “I change the playlist every week to include punk, rockabilly, metal, psychobilly, ska and power pop. Class is always followed by a happy hour,” says Haft.

Mountain Life Fitness LLC in Granby, Colorado, offers a 1-hour three-round circuit class called

Boxing Plus

that combines 6-minute boxing/kickboxing intervals on the bag with 6-minute TRX® Suspension Trainer™ drills. Participants alternate between the two training modalities. Every 2 weeks, the rounds change to keep the class fresh. Owner Jacqueline A. Wright says, “This is a very challenging workout for everyone. When we are finished, we perform myofascial release on the foam roller followed by a thorough cool-down stretch.”

Fitness is fun again during

Throwback Fitness

at a gym by the same name in New York City. Instructors aim to make participants forget they are working out by engaging them in favorite childhood recess games such as capture the flag, baseball and dodgeball. Some games, like flip cup, pair up partners to achieve a competitive, team-based model. Rowing intervals, push-ups and lunges are interspersed between the challenges. The retro soundtrack includes favorites from the ’80s and ’90s.

Podiatrist Emily Splichal, DPM, MS, developed

BARE® Workout,

which is taught at various locations around the country. Participants shed their shoes and focus on strengthening their feet by balancing on their toes, balancing on one leg, and flexing their feet. Planks and slow push-ups build core and upper-body strength.

Yogastudio in Plymouth, Minnesota, features a class called

Pigs Fly

(as in, “I’ll do yoga when pigs fly!”). It’s a breath-based, simple—but not necessarily easy—45-minute group yoga class for all shapes, sizes and ages. “The class regularly includes a mix of beginners, athletes, beginner yogis who are athletes in other ways, people off the street and yogis who want an extra boost,” says owner Margaret Roesler. “The idea is to stretch, strengthen, breathe, be present, destress and develop great habits for your body, mind and spirit.”

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