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Cathy Leman, RD, LD

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Are Plastic Bottles and Containers Safe?

December 17, 2008

When I was studying to be a dietitian, I and my fellow students used to pack leftovers for lunch in little plastic containers so that we didn’t have to eat fast food on campus. We also carted around plastic bottles of water so we had access to clean drinking water all day. We took these…

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Understanding the Glycemic Index

September 30, 2003

Long the subject of controversy among nutrition experts, the glycemic index (GI) has been making news lately in the consumer press. The subject of several recent studies, this numerical method of classifying foods appears to be gaining favor as a tool in the fight against obesity and certain life-threatening medical conditions. Although more research is…

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Current Issues in Nutrition Research

January 31, 2003

As in years past, the American Dietetic Association (ADA) Conference, held October 19 through 22, 2002, provided attendees plenty of food for thought. The following session topics were among those of most interest to health and fitness professionals.

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ADA Conference Highlights

January 31, 2002

February 2002 idea health & fitness sourceDoes my BMI really matter? Will I be able to lose the weight I gained during my pregnancy? How do I know if the supplements I’m taking really do what the packaging says they will do?

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