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Creative Ideas That Inspire

Happy Hour (Mind-Body) is one of several “Happy Hour” options offered at the James Madison University Recreation Center in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This class offers “a different spin to mind-body classes each week,” selecting from several styles and formats, including yoga, Pilates, yoga-Pilates fusion and meditation. All fitness levels are welcome.

Members at Gearhart Workout in Gearhart, Oregon, ride in the dark during the wintertime, and it has nothing to do with shorter days. Candlelight Ride is simply an indoor cycling class held in a “candlelight atmosphere.”

Minute Mania is exactly what the description suggests: a frenzied exploration of the minute hand. According to the online schedule at Aspen Athletic Clubs in the Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, areas, every exercise lasts for 1 minute. Attendees get a chance to use these minutes to increase stamina, gain muscular strength and build a stronger core.

Choice Training Group Fitness in Carrollton, Texas, gets a lot of mileage from its jump ropes with Rope Burn Quickie. This 30-minute experience includes various jump rope drills interspersed with strategic periods of rest.

Swim & Sweat is an aquatic version of an “extremely popular cardio boot camp” held at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers. According to the online schedule, this class includes swimming and resistance training. Transformational Breath® 90 is at the same facility. This class examines the importance of proper breathing for optimum health, whether you are an “athlete looking to improve stamina or [someone] looking to kick an addiction, resolve an emotional issue or just find clarity, energy, vitality, peace, focus and joy.”

Rogue HK is a full-body martial arts workout from Hong Kong that packs a cardio punch. Created by Michael Nevermind, the class encourages participants to “train as if you’re preparing for a fight scene in a movie.”

BUTI is a “90-minute, high-intensity workout that fuses yoga and dance” with plyometric conditioning circuits. Offered by Crunch Fitness in New York City, this class takes its dance moves from “various styles that focus on an intense shaking of the hips,” including Brazilian Baile, funk, hip-hop, crunk and African tribal.

The municipal recreation department of Park City, Utah, features Russian Systema on its schedule. This class is an “all-encompassing, practical martial art” that doesn’t adhere to specific forms or tactics. The practice emphasizes natural movement via breath.

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