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Laura A. Davis, MA

Article Archive

Bridging the Great Career Divide

November 30, 2007

Think for a moment of the most successful personal fitness trainer you know. Now think of the most loved group fitness instructor you know. Did you think of the same person for each? When choosing a trainer, you probably thought of someone who has great technical knowledge, the credentials to show for it and the people skills to connect with clients. When choosing an instructor wh…

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Meet the Future of Personal Fitness Training

April 30, 2007

Their births began just after World War II ended, and they grew up during the Vietnam War (1965–73); some live with the memories as Vietnam veterans. The assassination of John F. Kennedy (1963) saddened the nation when they were children, and they watched as the Richard Nixon Watergate scandal unfolded (1972–74). Many remember the untimely deaths of Marilyn Monroe (1962) and E…

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Maximize Productivity During Off-Peak Hours

February 28, 2007

Many fitness facility managers share a dilemma: what to do with staff during slow times. We want to keep our people motivated and therefore feeling effective and important to the business; we certainly don’t want them to be bored and just passing time; and we absolutely need to maximize staff contributions for efficiency in our facilities.

Unfortunately, traffic at every fitne…

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It’s a Family Affair

December 31, 2006

The challenge: The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports reports on its website that between 1980 and 2002 the number of obese children and teens in the United States tripled. During the same period, health conditions traditionally associated with adults&m…

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