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Water Walking Works

Person water walking

Len Kravitz, PhD, professor of exercise science, shares two studies that support the decision to add water walking to your fitness routine.

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Get a Grip on Your Strength

TRX Bandit Handles

The TRX Bandit is a universal-fit, ergonomic handle that attaches to one or more strength bands to improve comfort, control and performance.

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Lessons for Living Longer

Physical activity and health for living longer

Modern lifestyles are a breeding ground for chronic illness. Yet, there are regions where pockets of people do appear to be living longer. 

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The Real Deal Behind the Hip Hook

Hip Hook

“The Hip Hook is the first and only muscle release tool for both the psoas and iliacus muscles—the primary hip flexors. You can’t relax one without relaxing the other,” explains Koth.

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Member Spotlight: November 2021

Tim Rochford, MS, Kellie Walters, PhD, and Sherri Sherock

Tim Rochford, MS Member Since 1988  ::  Phoenix Tim Rochford’s mission—as a martial artist and fitness professional—is to empower people through training, education and experience. He has practiced martial arts since 1978 (he currently holds a 7th-degree black belt in kajukenbo/kajukenpo karate) and has taught self-defense and group fitness classes and been a personal trainer…

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