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100: PRE-EVENT: Functional Aging Specialist Certification

The rapid growth of the aging population (age 50+) presents unprecedented opportunity for the fitness professional who understands how to train these clients effectively. This comprehensive and innovative certification program is just what you need to become an expert in functional fitness for mature adults. Boomers and aging adults come to you for your expertise.…

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131: A Systems Approach to Enhancing Mobility and Performance

The link between mobility and performance is clear; however, guiding our clients down this path can be cloudy because life and injuries conspire against our ability to move freely. This session blends time- honored, tested training methods with new research and science to help you deliver a systematic approach to assessing and improving your client’s…

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180: Five Keys to Leadership Mastery

The fitness industry is competitive, demanding and ever evolving, which requires us to be at our best every day. We need to learn how to do less better to not only help our clients achieve their goals but to ensure we have the physical, mental and emotional capacity to meet the demands we face daily…

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120: Coaching Obstacles Into Opportunities

More than ever before, transformational leaders like yourself are desperately needed. In order to truly impact lasting client success, you must move beyond the what of what we do and explore the why behind it. In this powerful session, you will understand how to apply evidence-based strategies that will help your clients break down the…

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230: Body Inclusivity: More than a Movement

Behavior change is deeply rooted in our sense of self and in order for fitness professionals to help their clients make more positive health behavior changes, they must understand how body image—their clients’ as well as their own—influences decision making and client interactions. In this impactful session, Kellie discusses the current body image culture within…

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270: Be a Playmaker: Take Your Career to New Heights

Want to take your fitness career to the next level? Want to make a lasting impression? Learn the lessons acquired from life and sport that can help get you in the game, make smart plays and implement strategies to secure lasting career success.

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