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260: Movement, Mobility and Mindset

Movement, mobility and mindset. While inseparable, these concepts are many times practiced separately. This session will give you the tools and experience necessary to integrate these vital elements into a rewarding and invigorating self-care practice. Unplug, reset, and refocus with Coach Chris in this exploration of breath, movement and connecting to your true center.

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110: TRX® Bodyweight Breakthrough Workout

There is no better way to kick off 2021 IDEA Personal Trainer Virtual than with this virtual TRX® bodyweight workout. Experience innovative TRX® programming concepts wrapped in an unforgettable virtual training session that will provide ideas and inspiration for your own workouts and set the stage for your conference to be the amazing learning experience…

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200: Amplify Your Bodyweight Training

Train clients anytime and anywhere with portable equipment and bodyweight exercises! Whether you are training face-to-face or on a virtual platform, providing exercises that are easy to follow yet fresh and innovative will keep your clients coming back for more! In this progressive workshop, you’ll learn how take foundational body weight exercises to the next…

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101: PRE-EVENT: Cardio Coach Certification Course by Star Trac®

The cardio equipment in a fitness facility can be used for a variety of different training purposes. And there are applications and best practices for steady-state, interval and variable modality training, each with its own benefits and outcomes. The new Cardio Coach Certification Course by Star Trac teaches coaches how to choose the right cardio…

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140: Nutrition Tips From the Trenches

Gain the practical advice, tools and science-based information you need to make nutrition goals a reality. This informative and timely session will cover the foundation of establishing energy needs, macronutrient calculations, and building a better plate for health and performance, with time to address your nutrition FAQs. Learn how to navigate nutrition across virtual and…

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250: Balanced Body® Moving Fascia

Fascia science has been evolving rapidly over the last several years. Review the latest insights into how fascia influences movement and learn exercises and strategies for bringing fascia to life for your clients. In this workshop, we will focus on understanding the structure and function of fascia as it relates to gliding, elastic recoil and…

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