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MASHUP certification


In MASHUP®, you mix it up every time with MindBody, Agility & Strength, and HIIT: More benefits in less time. Choose from 15, 30 and 45-minute workout options. You can start where you are with three fitness levels to choose from. Certification $159, www.mashupconditioning.com

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Functional Programming for the Female Client Certificate

The Functional Programming for the Female Client Certificate program was developed to give you the tools to succeed with your female clients. Learn how to tap into this huge market and set yourself apart by diving deep into the anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and most common health dysfunctions, so you can create unique programs that deliver…

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Nutrition & Behavior Change Certificate 301

Title: Nutrition & Behavior Change Certificate 301

Rise to the pinnacle of your profession, and guide your clients to long-term lifestyle changes! Thought leaders in nutrition and behavior change distill current research and provide proven approaches that help clients see sustainable success. IDEA’s Nutrition and Behavior Change Certificate 301 perfectly pairs evidence-based nutrition and behavioral science that will guide you in applying…

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Functional Anatomy Certificate

Functional Anatomy

No bones about it—knowledge of anatomy is essential for fitness professionals, but understanding how to apply that knowledge will help you more effectively and confidently help your clients. Gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and movement so you can guide your clients better mobility, stability and alignment. Access this certificate program and save 30% with…

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