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IDEA Member Spotlight: May-June 2021

Meet three IDEA members who truly shine: Shannon Briggs, Jane Nash and Siri Chilazi.

IDEA members and personal trainers who truly shine: Shannon Briggs, Jane Nash and Siri Chilazi.

Shannon Briggs

Member Since 2020  ::  Austin, Texas

IDEA member and personal trainer Shannon Briggs

Shannon Briggs

Shannon Briggs is a new IDEA member, but a highly experienced fit pro with a dedication to inclusion in the industry. “I was a dancer and dance teacher in my young adult life and transitioned into fitness after taking an amazing aerobics class,” she explains. “I’ve now been in the fitness industry for 30 years!” Currently a trainer and instructor at the University of Texas at Austin as well as a private studio owner, she has a clear philosophy: “I study, research and work hard to serve my clients individually. I feel I create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and successful; no judgment!” Her advice for others? “Keep learning! Look to those who have gone before you and learn. Find your passion, and study to grow in your discipline.”    

Jane Nash

Member Since 2008  ::  Sterling, Virginia

IDEA member and personal trainer Jane Nash

Jane Nash

“This past year has been one of uncertainty and change,” says Jane Nash. But also, she adds, “of growth and renewal.” This spirit of resiliency is a hallmark of her career, guiding her in her roles as group fitness instructor, multi-certified personal trainer and manager of an active-adult fitness center. In 2020, Nash created a basement studio “to incorporate exercise in a world where things were shutting down . . . to virtually share our joy and passion for fitness.” She’s also a proud IDEA member. “IDEA is a world leader and an inspiration in my life,” she says, citing Client Newsletter and Workout Builder as valuable tools for helping others feel the same way she does about exercise: “stronger, happier, focused and inspired.”

Siri Chilazi

Member Since 2020  ::  Boston

IDEA member and personal trainer Siri Chilazi

Siri Chilazi

There are defining moments in every fit pro’s career. For Siri Chilazi, it was when a new participant from her water aerobics class thanked her for the gift of an hour free from agony; the woman had arthritis and was normally in constant pain. “Her story crystallized for me the awe-inspiring power we instructors have to improve lives,” says Chilazi. “I have never forgotten that lesson and the opportunity to enable people to live their most fabulous lives.” Chilazi was just 3 years old when she hijacked her mother’s workout tapes and gave Jane Fonda a run for her money. “I like to think I was destined to become a fit pro,” she says. “When I had the opportunity to get certified as a group fitness instructor, I jumped on it and never looked back.”

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