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Meet an IDEA Team Member: Madeleine McCormick

Get to know our marketing coordinator.

Madeleine McCormick with family

In the complex world of marketing, Madeleine McCormick has discovered the perfect recipe for success: her ingenious ideas, warm personality and diligent work ethic.

As the marketing coordinator at IDEA, Madeleine’s days are a whirlwind of social media outreach, creative content and inspiring campaigns that keep our members informed and connected. “I love the opportunity to work alongside some of the most influential fitness brands and educators in the world,” she says.

Not only does she radiate her enthusiastic liveliness to our audience, but she also brings that same dynamic spirit to her team at IDEA. “Madeleine is a positive force of nature who shines a multi-faceted light of good energy on everything,” shares Joy Keller, IDEA’s director of marketing communications and public relations. “I appreciate her grit and exceptional work ethic, and how eager she is to collaborate, connect and conquer.”

When Madeleine’s not crafting content at IDEA, she enjoys experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen and working up a sweat at Orangetheory®.

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Madeleine McCormick

Q: If you could be any piece of fitness equipment, what would you be?
A: My life is all about balance, so I think I’d be a BOSU.

Q: What is your hidden talent?
A:I don’t always advertise that I was a collegiate vocalist. I went to undergrad on a vocal performance scholarship and traveled to Italy to perform in an international choral competition.

Q: What inspires you in life?
A: Working on projects with a team. I enjoy working towards a common goal with people who are eager and excited to make a difference.

Q: What’s one of your greatest accomplishments?
A: I’m a former journalist with dozens of published articles, multimedia stories and podcasts, and have contributed to many radio news and television broadcasts. I’m a storyteller and an empath who believes we can achieve a better world.

Sarah Kolvas

Sarah Kolvas is the content manager for IDEA.

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