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Fitness Journal
– May-June 2021

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Fitness Careers at IDEA World
Innovate Your Fitness Career
The industry comes together at IDEA® World Virtual, July 9–11.

Creating Inclusivity in Fitness Spaces
Widen the circle of wellness to include people from all backgrounds.


Man demonstrating concentric and eccentric training movements
The latest news and research on a variety of health and fitness topics.

Research: 5 Eccentric-Training Controversies, Resolved
The positive results of “negative” muscle work.

Ex Rx: Program Workouts for a Healthy Spine
A discussion on movement and misalignment of the spine and how to enhance your clients’ performance by keeping the back front-of-mind.

Client Success: Corrective Exercise Success Story
Back in the game: A baseball-loving retiree trains her way to functional living.


Pasta bowl recipe
Food For Thought  
Recent news and research on food and nutrition topics.


Women exercising during a park workout
Class Takeout: Sample Class: Park Workout
Teach your class at the local park and add a fun mix of strength and cardio.

Skills & Drills: 5 Lessons From Virtual Fitness Companies
Don’t fear streaming classes. Learn from them instead.

Health Coaching/Behavior Change: Addressing Exercise Barriers
A practical approach that will help trainers and clients alike.

Core: Standing Core Exercise
These standing core exercise moves target large muscle groups, helping participants get more bang for their buck, especially when they’re pressed for time.


Two people's hands clasped together to represent forgiveness
Fitness Handout: The Healing Benefits of Forgiveness
Holding a grudge can affect your health.

IDEA Body Lab: Rotator Cuff Anatomy
On the cuff: Learn more about all the work shouldered by the rotator cuff.

Meet an IDEA Team Member: Meet an IDEA Team Member: Ryan Halvorson
Get to know our director of event programming, Ryan Halvorson.

Editor's Letter: IDEA Membership Reimagined for Fitness Professionals