Sitting Is a Death Trap

IDEA Fitnographic:

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Joy Keller

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January 2013

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Article Comments

On Jan 22, 2013
love it! Marie
Cory Schidler
On Jan 31, 2013
I couldn't agree more. The body was made to move. Get up every hour you are awake and move around. Better yet, find some exercises that you can do anywhere that will benefit your health.
Jane Golder
On Nov 18, 2013
These are scary statistics! I teach a corporate workshop for people who sit at a computer all day, and this Fitnographic is part of my handout packet. It's amazing to see the reactions.
Karin Singleton
On Nov 23, 2013
I keep telling my clients and students that sitting is the new smoking. Just as toxic.
Kathleen Redd
On Dec 01, 2013
for those of us whose jobs require us to sit at a desk...what do you recommend, other than getting up and walking around??
Nick Palladino
On Dec 07, 2013
Trying a standing desk can help. With a standing desk you can even throw in some body weight squats every few minutes!

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