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    Have your profile seen by over 16 million consumers on the largest fitness professional directory, IDEA FitnessConnect.

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    Access over 8,000 professional articles from IDEA's award-winning publications and over 6,300 exercise videos from the industry's top educators.

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    Get access to the collective wisdom and experience of the entire fitness industry with IDEA Answers.

  • Choose the right certification.

    Research all types of fitness certifications and training groups including personal training, group fitness, Pilates, yoga, and many more.

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    Discover the top 30 trending headlines in health and fitness from 250,000 fitness professionals on IDEA FitFeed.

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    Easily customize the features of your Client Newsletter with your profile information and IDEA’s award-winning editorial content written for fitness consumers.

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Who we are.

The IDEA team is filled with happy and healthy people accomplishing amazing things, so we make sure that the company culture reflects those awesome personalities and is centered around exercise, good nutrition, and mindfulness. With daily fitness classes at the office, healthy snacks, standup workstations, massages and more, our wellness community is all about fun, fitness, support, and positivity. Come visit us and check it out. We love to share!

What people are saying.

Stephen Landrum

USE THIS SITE!!! I have had more response from promoting this profile than any other form of online media...ever.

Kurt Gillon

Ideafit is my walking billboard, you can get everything done with this FREE program.

Jordan Rudolph

I like to use IDEAfit not only as a resource for my clients and myself, but also for it's networking capabilities with potential clients. Combined with Facebook, I get to advertise my business and also have people reach out to me with questions. I also like to be involved with other trainers, coaches, and instructors on the site to gain some extra insight and share new ideas. There's always something new be added to the site, plus we get access to everything related to the fitness world.

Andrea Wiggins

IDEA has so much to offer...They offer so many tools to help you better educate yourself as well as build your business... I have been connected with new clients through this site and find that it does so much in the area of networking for me that is extremely valuable. I would suggest that any trainer looking to expand their knowledge base, as well as build their personal training business become a member.

Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali

FitnessConnect has given us the tools, it is up to us to design our professional dreams and goals and use this portal to bring them into fruition.

Harris Sophocleous

I like the IDEA site because it is versatile and has a lot of information which you can use for your development as a trainer.

Michael Saiz

I think IDEAFIT's personal trainer website has ease of navigation with alot of information to upload to promote any personal trainer…I shut down my website at the beginning of the year because of IDEAFIT. I have had greater success and more site hits than my other personal website by using IDEAFIT.

Patricia McClelland

IDEAFit is a great resource for current industry information from the many articles, videos and opinions of other fitness professionals through IDEA Answers...It is also a an extremely professional venue to present myself to those researching fitness professionals...In my experience, IDEAFit has been a great, well- thought-out resource for fitness professionals and our clients.