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Maurie Cofman

Member Since 1998 | St. Louis, Missouri

“It’s never too late to start an exercise program,” explains advanced health and fitness specialist Maurie Cofman. “I want to educate consumers to acquire a healthy lifestyle so that they can make informed decisions about their fitness goals and eating habits.”

As a clinical exercise specialist, Maurie focuses on weight management, strength and core conditioning and balance and functional training. This allows her to work with clients who face complicated health challenges, including heart disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal diseases and others. Through her work with these clients, she has learned that it is important to relate to each individual and to find exercises that they enjoy. She thinks that this is also an important piece in fighting the obesity epidemic.

What’s the secret to success? Maurie suggests that novice fitness pros specialize in an area that they enjoy. “It’s what sets you apart from the others.”

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