Answer: Experienced athletes know how important it is to refuel and rehydrate after a training session. Following strenuous activity, food and fluids can replenish lost glycogen stores and help repair muscle tissue. After an intense workout, the best way to refuel would be to eat a mix of complex carbohydrates and lean protein, such as a whole-grain cereal topped with skim milk.

On the other hand, clients who train at moderate intensity with a goal of losing weight should be encouraged to maintain a calorie deficit after a workout by keeping any snacks to a minimum. A general rule of thumb for such clients is to indulge only
in snacks that contain no more than 200 calories. For example, a good choice after a moderate workout would be a cup of light
yogurt topped with berries or a cup of raw veggies served with 2 tablespoons of bean dip.

When it comes to weight loss, it’s not so much a question of whether to snack after a workout. What’s most important is the number of calories consumed over the course of a day and the type of snack chosen. Remind clients to focus on energy balance after a workout: 1 hour of low-impact aerobic exercise burns around 350 calories, and it’s easy to succumb to the lure of high-calorie foods after an appetite-revving workout.

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