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January, 2010

IDEA Fitness Journal - January, 2010
The Painful Lumbar Spine
Cause, consequence and therapeutic exercise for lower-back issues.
Creative Total-Body Exercises
Use a science-based system to unlock a fun, full treasure chest of moves for clients.
Sports Training for the Older-Adult Athlete
Sometimes the simplest programs offer the grandest rewards.
How to Really Teach to Beginners
A strategy to help you connect authentically with people unfamiliar with movement.
Attribution Theory
You can help your older clients rethink their self-defeating approach to fitness.
Sample Class: Done in 30 minutes
Give participants a challenging workout in less time.
Celiac Disease, Diet and Lifestyle
Learn how dietary and behavioral changes can spell relief for people with celiac disease.
Preparing for a Knockout Class
Use this boxing-themed warm-up to get students ready for crosses, jabs, hooks and upper cuts.
If You Don’t Mind, It Really Does Matter
Creative research reveals the power of the mind to influence how we age.
Core Stability for Enhanced Daily Function
Instruct clients to perform this core warm-up program each morning for optimal results in—and out of—the gym.
Small Changes and the Obesity Epidemic
Can obesity be decreased in incremental steps?
Seeking Little Pearls of Business Wisdom
Learn to harness the knowledge of your business-savvy personal training clients.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Fusions, dance-based classes and new versions of old offerings highlight group fitness schedules across the country.