Robert LoFaso inspires everyone in his life by living each day promoting a healthy lifestyle that includes nutritious eating and regular exercise habits. He is very proud of his two daughters who have been influenced by his example and live healthy lifestyles as well.

As a fitness instructor Robert enjoys watching each of his clients transform by choosing better lifestyles and surpassing their fitness goals. When teaching classes Robert spends a lot of time focusing on safety. “Safety is a primary concern with my clients; avoiding injury and providing a safe workout environment is important,” he says. His favorite piece of equipment to use in his classes is a TRX® Suspension Trainer™. “The TRX is my favorite piece of equipment because of its versatility in exercise and ease of working with any client at any location.”

Robert’s other interests include hiking and volunteering at local schools, providing fitness training to the volleyball teams. “I love hiking and encourage my clients to join my outings whenever their schedule permits,” he says.