Do you have a client who just can’t seem to maintain a healthy weight? Tell him to toss the tube. Researchers have found that people who lose weight and keep it off have fewer household televisions. A report published in the October issue of Annals of Behavioral Medicine (published online October 22, 2009; doi.10.1007/s12160-009-9135-2) offered insights into the “habits” of successful “losers.” The researchers sifted through surveys of 167 people throughout the United States who had maintained at least a 10% body fat loss for 5 years. They also surveyed currently overweight people with a history of dieting. The results showed that successful losers were more likely to exercise, were more conscious of dietary intake and had fewer televisions. “You have to pay attention to your home environment if you want to succeed,” stated lead study author Suzanne Phelan, assistant professor of kinesiology at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. “Do you have TVs in every room? When you walk into your kitchen, do you see high-fat food or healthy food?”