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Continuing Education/Events


IDEA world fitness convention™

By IDEA Editorial Staff | September 26, 2012 |

Who could have foreseen in 1984 that a modest gathering of 600 fitness instructors at a fitness conference in downtown San Diego would turn into an event bringing the entire fitness industry together? Certainly not co-founders Kathie and Peter Davis, who shared a glimpse of IDEA’s humble beginnings (in a spare bedroom in their home)…

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IDEA World Fitness Convention™ Memories

By IDEA Authors | September 6, 2012 |

Congratulations on celebrating 30 years! I attended the first IDEA convention in San Diego in 1984, and I have attended many IDEA events since. The speakers and leaders have been fabulous. I began [working] with the YMCA in 1969, teaching group fitness, and I retired in 2009 as a YMCA director. I continue to teach…

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2011 IDEA World Fitness Convention™ “Inspires!”

By IDEA Authors | October 24, 2011 |

Words cannot convey how truly fantastic my experience was at the 2011 IDEA World Fitness Convention. As a convention veteran—seeing the energetic pulse this year of all the diverse participants across all age groups, all levels of ability and the far reaches of the globe—I was reminded of how much I love our industry and its wide embrace.

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Zero Regrets at the 2011 IDEA World Fitness Convention™

By IDEA Editorial Staff | October 1, 2011 |

You might describe it as overwhelming, but even that superlative is an underwhelming descriptor for what transpired at the 2011 IDEA World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles, August 11–14. Between Apolo Ohno’s keynote message of zero regrets and the convention theme of “Take the Challenge,” there was no way to leave even a whisper of yourself on the table. The atmosphere at this event had a way of sucking the energy right out of you and then infusing it right back in—plus 10%. Everyone gave it up and got it back, and the effect was palpable.

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Fostering Growth and Learning at Inner IDEA®

By IDEA Authors | December 8, 2010 |

Inner IDEA is a special conference where there is calm, peaceful coexistence in the midst of vast knowledge exchange. All of the presenters were wonderful. All of the attendees were so appreciative. All of the assistants were fantastic. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to share my knowledge, gain new knowledge, meet beautiful, loving people and walk away with a beautiful feeling. Norma Shechtman, MEd, MA 2003 ACE Group Fitness Instructor of the Year Irvine, California

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Leading the Way, L.A. Style

By Alexandra Williams, MA | September 29, 2010 |

At the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles August 5, the glitz, glamour and glee were ubiquitous as IDEA honored five outstanding contributors to the world of fitness and health during the 2010 IDEA World Fitness Convention™. Innovators in their communities, inspirational around the world and determined to make positive, lasting change, this year’s award recipients shone in the spotlight they so rightly deserved.

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2010 IDEA World Fitness Convention™

By IDEA Editorial Staff | September 29, 2010 |

In true Los Angeles style, IDEA rolled out the red carpet for delegates, guests, educators, exhibitors and VIPs—including U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, entertainer Mario Lopez and tennis star Andre Agassi—at its 2010 IDEA World Fitness Convention August 4–8.

This fitness event set an incredibly high benchmark for all it stands for: excellent fitness education, innovation, product knowledge, networking and nonstop fun. If you weren’t learning, sweating or laughing, you weren’t trying hard enough.

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IDEA Fitness Fusion Conference™ Feedback

By IDEA Authors | June 17, 2010 |

This year, my goal [at Fusion] was to try as many of the “new” group formats that were offered, while fine-tuning my personal training and management skills. With that being said, I took Indo-Row®, Step-Tonic™ and Beaming™. I really enjoyed the rowing class for the theory and the presenters. I enjoyed Step-Tonic and think the…

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Inner IDEA®: Where Joy and Learning Unite

By IDEA Authors | September 30, 2009 |

Whether they were there to focus keenly on a discipline like Pilates or to enjoy a potpourri of classes ranging from mindful eating to yoga nidra, attendees at the 4th annual Inner IDEA Conference enjoyed many opportunities to celebrate the event’s theme, “The Power of Wellness.”

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