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Danielle Vindez holds the vision of optimal health, conscious eating, proper exercise, and mental balance, for all those seeking to transform their lives. She serves as a health coach, a worksite wellness facilitator, and a personal trainer. She has opened a world renowned health club, worked at... more less
BA Sociology, UCLA
Master's Degree Negotiations, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding, CSUDH
Years Experience
21-25 years
ACE - ACE Health Coach
ACSM - ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
International Coach Federation - Associate Certified Coach (ACC )
Agency Unavailable
American Heart Association
Amerian Heart Association

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Credit Cards, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
Open first American health club in the former Soviet Union
The Secretary of State, Washington D.C., James A. Baker – thank you letter
White House Communication Agency – appreciation certificate
Languages Spoken
English, French
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Client Reviews/Comments

9 reviews
On Oct 23, 2011
Danielle has inspire me the way she dose her work. she has taught me the right way of work out in the gym and be more effective. Thanks to Danielle I had learn a lot more new techniques of exercises that had help me to enprove my work out. I really recommend Danielle for any of your personal training.
Hideki Okamoto
On Oct 20, 2011
I met Danielle as a health consultant for Stewart Filmscreen. At the time I was a member of a gym but never really went. I really needed some motivation. Well Danielle definitely has a way of motivating you. She is not one of those trainers that just pushes you (Like the ones on Biggest Loser). She motivates you by making you interested and "wanting" to exercise or change your eating habits. I thihk that is the best way since just having someone push you requires them to do it constantly or you will fall off the wagon.
She has supported me by answering my questions about foods and exercises. She met me at the gym on a weekend to create a exercise plan. When she does not have the answers to my questions she will definitely find the answers and get back to you.
Since I met Danielle I have changed my life style, my eating habits, and my attitude about exercising. I still have some hurdles but she has taught me how to make it fun and interesting.
Thank you for all of the great tips, information, and always being there to motivate.

On Sep 27, 2010
Danielle has taught me how to use foods, nutrients, movement, herbs, emotional relief and even the breath to gain optimal health. On n a daily basis I'm face with a new challenge and Danielle has coach me through them.....
Simeon Petrov
On Sep 15, 2010
About two years ago Danielle started a well-being program at Stewart Filmscreen Corp. For more than 20 years I was working for different companies and I was pretty sure that this initiative will be forgotten in few short months. I have seen plenty of good ideas to fade away and was watching skeptically on the side lines how this one will do… February this year - Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10K – 48:35 min (my first one), few months after that - PV Marathon – 4:23 hours (my first one), two weeks ago – the Half Dome in Yosemite with my family in a day (17 miles round trip, 4,800 ft elevation gain), improved diet, gone lower back pain and accumulated tension on my right wrist, a lot of stress left on the road, no sick days called for the last year and few new friends. I was 24 hour Fitness member for long time, but Danielle motivated and challenged me to accomplish things that otherwise I wouldn’t do on my own. Thanks to the management for initiating the program and very special thanks to Danielle Vindez for executing it.
Simeon Petrov
Mechanical Engineer
Torrance, CA
Diana Ha
On Sep 13, 2010
Danielle inspires you to work hard and movtivates you to accompolish more than you think is possible. She is a professional and dedicated to her clients. Working with Danielle is a positive and pleasurable experience!!!
Dion Cooke
On Aug 30, 2010
Under Danielle's tutelage i've managed to lose over 30 pounds and 16% of my bodyfat, all in less than 6 months. She is a professionals professional and an inspiration to all when shes in our office. I recommend her highly.
Danielle Vindez
On Aug 28, 2010
I was in my late 70's when I first met Danielle and I was thinking that I was too old and that was why everything was getting so hard for me to to do.
But I quickly learned differently. Under her guidance I lost some 15 pounds ( which I have not yet gained back after several years), got into a good workout program, took responsibility for my own self, and began to feel good again. One of the best decisions I have made since retiring from work.
Roger Clapp
Palos Verdes, California
Danielle's Response on Aug 29, 2010:
Thanks for sharing this with me Roger. I'll post it for you.
Stay well.
Grant Stewart
On Aug 26, 2010
As President of Stewart Filmscreen Corp I was interested in enhancing the health of our employee’s lives. I live the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition and wanted to share this quality of life and productivity tool with the SFC family. Danielle is generous with her time and is truly passionate about seeing my company thrive. Define Yourself Health Coaching helps us to inspire our employees to think positively about themselves and take charge of their own health.
Diane Imbach
On Aug 25, 2010
I have known and worked with Danielle for a number of years. She is committed to helping her clients with their specific needs and gets the job done! I would highly recommend her for your personal training and life coaching needs.

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