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February, 2013

IDEA Fitness Journal - February, 2013
Shawn Connolly
Member Since 2006 | Las Vegas, Nevada
Patrick A. Perretta
Member Since 2011 | New York, New York
Shawn Fears
Member Since 2008 | Fairbanks, Alaska
Danielle Vindez
Member Since 1995 | Redondo Beach, California
Q&A: Ask The RD
I've recently heard about the health benefits of raw dark chocolate. Isn't all chocolate raw?
Conquering the “Obesogenic” Environment
Interview Subject: Barbara A. Brehm-Curtis, EdD, shares thoughts on how fitness professionals can put healthy behaviors like eating well and exercising regularly within clients’ grasp.
Are You in the 100% Club?
Get on the inside track with this enhancement to IDEA FitnessConnect.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Make this year an active one with classes that fuse fun concepts.
Sample Class: Aqua Jogging
Simplify moves, and challenge the cardiovascular system.
Cool Down With the Stability Ball
Try these challenging stretches with participants who are ready to up the ante.
10 Strategies for Motivating the Recreational Athlete
Help push participants past self-imposed boundaries.
Tricks of the Trade
“What is the best way to ‘fire’ a client? Under what circumstances would you do this?”
How to Get on TV
Perfect your pitch to earn a chance to appear on the small screen.
Training for the Distance From a Distance
An emphasis on nutrition and technique prepares this client for the long run.
Carbohydrate Intake for Endurance Training: Redefining Traditional Views cec
What your clients need to know about “carb availability.”
Cycling Up cec
A strategy for enhancing clients’ physiological and psychological state.
Detox Diets: myths vs. reality cec
What you should know about cleanses and juice fasts.
Older-Adult Fitness: Gauging the Limits of Your Fit Clients cec
Why “senior fitness” is dead, and why every exercise needs to match what older clients can do, not how long they have lived.
Exploring the Amazing Heart cec
Heart rate and blood pressure offer powerful clues to clients’ fitness progress.