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Turn Your Passion Into a Thriving Fitness Career

How to support your passion and build a successful fitness career with the NSCA-CPT.

NSCA Training

“I joined the fitness industry because of the preventative power of exercise to improve everyday function, longevity and quality of life, and fitness professionals are on the frontline of these exciting changes in peoples’ lives. I chose to get certified with NSCA because NSCA-certified professionals garner a high level of respect and trust from clients and managers alike, and the material is readily applicable to personal training clients,” says Susie Reiner, Health and Physical Education professor at St. Peter’s University.

The personal training industry is a rapidly growing field, which aims to serve the needs of a wide variety of the population. Fitness facilities can be a resource for individuals to expand their healthy behaviors and build a habit of fitness for a lifetime. Cultivating a culture of a healthy fitness lifestyle stems from having an NSCA-certified, well-educated personal trainer, who can ensure people are engaging in fitness behaviors and performing exercises safely and effectively. NSCA certifications equip professionals to educate, inform and inspire communities to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

A Foundation for Success

For everything from the principles of fitness to the latest trends, the fitness industry has a multitude of educational resources and organizations offering certificates and certifications. “The NSCA-CPT® is the gold standard when it comes to personal trainer credentialing because of the ability to provide the trainer with the scientific background as to why certain movements and protocols create results, not just the application of those protocols,” says Gini Grimsley, Director of Fitness Products for VASA Fitness.

A strong foundation in evidence-based research, as provided by NSCA certifications, gives fitness professionals the knowledge and ability to develop individualized programming to meet a variety of clients’ goals. A strong foundation also allows NSCA-certified fitness professionals to implement the latest research, assess industry trends, and discern the good from the fad when it comes to new programs and the latest technology.

Gini goes on to say, “My NSCA background helps me to correctly apply the right approach at the right time across broad client types that I encounter.” The fitness industry offers a wide variety of programming, from boot camps to aquatics. A background based in research-backed applications can help establish credibility not only for a program’s offerings, but in employees’ abilities to:

  • modify and adapt programs for individual skills and abilities, especially in an online or group exercise setting;
  • understand and evaluate emerging fitness trends, what works best for whom, and how to tailor for individuals; and
  • provide safe and effective guidance to individuals with a wide variety of skills, abilities and fitness levels.

Improved Quality of Service Improves Lives

Given the importance of fitness today, it’s equally important to ensure that the quality of service provided matches the state-of-the-art facilities and the ever-increasing demand. NSCA-certified staff ensures that facilities can fulfill their missions of enriching clients’ lives, encouraging life-long healthy lifestyles, and developing meaningful relationships amongst their communities in a safe and effective manner.

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