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Sample Class: HIIT Remix

Boost heart rates and motivation with fun, low-impact moves.

If your members enjoy amazing results from HIIT workouts but crave a more gentle approach to burning calories, HIIT Remix is the solution. This class takes the results-focused challenge of a traditional high-intensity conditioning class and presents it in mellow, low-impact versions of favorite interval drills. Participants will appreciate the change of pace and the opportunity to cross-train.

HIIT Remix Details

FORMAT: HIIT with low-impact exercises

TOTAL TIME: 45 minutes

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: steps, dumbbells, medicine balls, Gliding™ discs

MUSIC: 125–130 beats per minute


Class principles:

  • HIIT involves repeated bouts of short-duration, high-intensity exercises that alternate with periods of lower-intensity active recovery.
  • Work and recovery intervals each last 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • The work-to-rest ratio is flexible, depending on participants' fitness levels and your class goals.
  • All exercises are low-impact. One foot stays in contact with the ground at all times.
  • During the work phase, using the rating of perceived exertion scale of 1–10, effort may range from hard (RPE of 7) to very hard (RPE of 9).

Suggestions for low-impact variations:

  • Choose upper-body power moves that incorporate a medicine ball.
  • Boost the intensity of traditional high-impact moves for the lower body by increasing range of motion or speed, while eliminating impact.
  • Select functional body-weight exercises that require using multiple muscle groups.

Class format: The workout includes four blocks of exercises presented in an interval format. Each block uses different work and rest timing. Adjust ratios as needed to offer more or less challenge, depending on participants' abilities. Allow 2 minutes of rest between blocks.

Warm-Up (5 minutes)

Use an "add on" technique to cycle through 8 repetitions of the following exercises. Teach exercise 1 and add exercise 2, then repeat and add on exercise 3. Continue until all exercises are completed.

  1. march
  2. squat (right and left)
  3. alternating front lunge
  4. alternating rear lunge
  5. inchworm (Hinge from hips and place hands on floor. Walk hands forward to plank. Walk hands back to forward fold. Return to standing.)
  6. pushup

Work Phase (35 minutes)

Block one: Medicine Ball

Work for 90 seconds and rest for 45 seconds. Cycle through each exercise twice.

  • Curtsy lunge: Step R leg back into rear curtsy lunge. Repeat with L leg. Swing ball overhead between reps.
  • Burpee: Do low-impact burpee by stepping instead of jumping into plank position. Place hands on ball during plank, and swing ball overhead when standing.
  • Medicine-ball figure eight: With feet wide and toes turned out slightly, do side-to-side stationary lunge. Circle ball in front of body in figure-eight pattern.

Teaching tips:

  • Utilize powerful movements while swinging medicine ball.
  • Engage core to stabilize spine.
  • Adjust work-to-rest ratio as needed.

Block Two: Gliding™ Discs

Work for 90 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. Cycle through each exercise twice.

  • Mountain climber: Start in plank position, toes on discs. Bring R knee, then L knee to chest, and keep alternating.
  • Burpee with pushup: Do burpee with toes on discs, adding pushup while in plank position. Slide feet wide when lowering into pushup, and slide feet together when rising.
  • Plank pike: With toes on discs, lift hips, bringing discs in toward hands. Return to plank position.

Teaching tips:

  • Increase speed of movement to boost intensity.
  • Maintain neutral spine during planks and pushups.
  • Adjust work-to-rest ratio as needed.

Block Three: Step

Work for 60 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. Cycle through each exercise twice.

  • Traveling squat: From standing position on top of lengthwise bench, step R foot off side into deep squat. Return to top of bench. Repeat L.
  • Plank walk: From plank position with hands on bench, walk R foot and then L foot forward to end in deep squat position, keeping hands on bench. Then step R foot and L foot back to plank. Repeat entire movement, L foot leading.
  • Decline plank walk: Do plank with hands on floor and toes on bench. Walk R foot and then L foot to floor to straddle bench. Then step R foot and L foot back onto top of bench. Repeat, L foot leading.

Teaching tips:

  • Increase ROM or speed for additional intensity.
  • Adjust step height to make exercises easier or harder.
  • Adjust work-to-rest ratio as needed.

Block Four: Body Weight

Work for 60 seconds and rest for 15 seconds. Cycle through each exercise twice.

  • Lateral bear crawl: Start in quadruped position, knees lifted slightly off floor. "Walk" two steps R and two steps L.
  • Stationary lunge with hip hinge: Do stationary lunge while hinging at hips to touch floor, pivot 180 degrees while standing and then repeat lunge to other side.
  • Lunge kick: Step L leg back to rear lunge and hinge at hips to tap floor with hands. Bring L knee up and extend into front kick.
  • Switch sides after 30 seconds.

Teaching tips:

  • Avoid hyperextending knee on front kicks.
  • Maintain neutral spine when hinging at hips.
  • Adjust work-to-rest ratio as needed.

Cool-Down and Stretch (5 minutes)

Hold each of the following stretches for 30 seconds:

  • Standing quadriceps stretch: While balancing on R leg, reach for L ankle. Flex knee and bring heel toward buttocks. Repeat L.
  • Standing forward fold: Hinge forward from hips and reach hands to floor, ankles or shins.
  • Cat-cow stretch: From quadruped position, flow from flexed spine to extended spine position.
  • Child's pose: From quadruped position, push hips back toward heels while reaching hands forward.

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Melissa Weigelt, MS

Melissa Weigelt is an ACE-certified group fitness instructor, NASM-certified personal trainer and vinyasa yoga instructor with 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. As an ACE- and AFAA-approved provider of continuing education for fitness instructors and a member of the BOSU® master trainer and development team, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and ideas with others.

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