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Fitness Journal
 January 2017

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal- January 2017
What Is Plica Syndrome?
This irritating knee issue can be hard to pinpoint but fairly simple to manage.
Fit-Tech Trends to Watch in 2017
Sensors will be less visible and more deeply integrated into what we wear.
Improving Health Behaviors
Laura DeFina, MD, FACP, believes that consistency and coordination of accurate messaging and action are critical practices for fitness professionals.
Sample Class: HIIT Remix
Boost heart rates and motivation with fun, low-impact moves.
Creative Ideas that Inspire
Give members a break from routine with these playful classes that unleash the inner child.
Power Up to Prevent Injury
Sneak a few “prehab” moves into your warm-up.
Crystal-Clear Cuing for Indoor Cycling
Be smart about the exertion scale you use to help participants get the best ride.
behavior modification
Behavior Modification Strategies
"What do you do when family members, friends or co-workers resist or undermine a client's healthy changes?"
Buddy Boot Camp
Discover a partner program that provides fun and accountability.
Personal Training and the Power of Listening
By paying attention to the little things, this personal trainer knows exactly what her client needs at all times.
How to Fortify Your Purpose and Bolster Your Business
To learn everything you need to excel as a personal trainer, attend the IDEA® Personal Trainer Institute, February 23–26 in Bethesda, Maryland, or March 30–April 2 in Seattle.
7 Principles for Outstanding Boomer Workouts
Tailor your training to the specific needs of over-50 exercisers.
Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy cec
Training to failure is the key.
Menopause Symptoms: Can Yoga Help? cec
More women are seeking symptom relief and better quality of life through a mind-body yoga practice.
Can We Get All of Our Nutrients From Food? cec
Despite a few common deficiencies, most people don't need vitamin and mineral supplements.
Ageism and the Fitness Industry cec
Bias is bad for the well-being of older people. Here's how the fitness industry can take on ageism.
5 Simple Assessments for Youth cec
Rethink and upgrade your approach to helping children build a strong fitness foundation.