Whenever you complete the smooth process of taking an IDEA course for CECs, you’ll want to spare some credit for Linda Morreale. As IDEA’s educational products manager, Linda works with a long list of certifi cation agencies—each with different rules and procedures—to ensure that our content is CEC-approved and ready to enhance your profession.

Linda Morreale and family

Linda and her family in costume.

Linda has expertly navigated this CEC process at IDEA for over 9 years! Not only is she a dependable and diligent teammate, but her cleverness and playful nature keep us smiling.

“Linda does the small things to make each day wonderful,” says Jordan Leeds,  educational products and podcast network manager. “We bonded over our joint passion for Star Wars and Marvel movies. And when time permits, we send each other movie trivia questions, testing each other’s knowledge. Linda always wins.”

A lover of costumes and Comic Con, Linda is perhaps best represented by her own creative ensembles: imaginative, fun and resourceful.

About Linda: Did You Know…?

Linda Morreale Rappelling

Conquering rappelling during an adventure course in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

  • Linda’s favorite restorative training methods are yoga and Pilates, so much so that she has become a registered yoga teacher.
  • Chips and salsa rank as her top junk-food choice—perfect for satisfying her salty-snack cravings.
  • Her favorite “superhero” is the villainous Loki of Asgard (“the rightful King of Jotunheim,” she explains. “He’s a hero in his own way.”)
  • Her hidden talent? “I can whistle very, very loudly,” she says. Sounds like a blast!
  • Top items on her bucket list include having bread and wine in a cafe in Paris and drinking a Guinness at St. James’s Gate in Ireland. For now, she’s planning her next well-deserved adventures—to New York and Costa Rica—with her family.
  • Linda’s greatest accomplishment is raising her daughter, Shayla, whose art and positive attitude inspire her every day. If given the chance to time-travel, Linda says she’d revisit the experiences with Shayla from age 3 to now.