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Meet an IDEA Team Member: Rafael Lopez

Get to know our Marketing and Technology Team art director.

Rafael Lopez

Every IDEA event requires great vision. But to bring that vision to life, we need someone with artistic vision, too. That’s where our talented Marketing and Technology Team art director, Rafael Lopez—whom we affectionately call “Raf”—offers his expertise.

Raf designs all of IDEA’s event materials, including our brochures, ads, videos, social media, and onsite signage and graphics. In fact, if you’ve attended an IDEA event, you have no doubt come across an original Raf creation, whether it’s a sign to guide you through the venue or the detailed event schedule.

Though he’s been at IDEA full-time almost 6 years, he began exercising his design talents for IDEA as a contractor 12 years before that! “I [love that I] get to see my designs and videos come to life at the events,” he says. “Especially when I cause an emotional reaction, like a laugh or a cry.”

Part of Raf’s artistic success involves his mastery of interpretation when bringing together multiple ideas—a skill his team does not take for granted. “My favorite part about working with Raf is his calm demeanor and ability to take vague directions and return exactly what people are looking for,” says Matt Taylor, IDEA’s event operations manager.

When Raf’s not creating captivating designs for IDEA, he spends his time with his husband, Ryan—who also works at IDEA!—and his dogs, Ruby and Millie.

The Raf Report

Raf and husband, Ryan, love adventures, like this one at Yosemite National Park.
  • Raf has been to 11 Madonna concerts—“and counting,” he says.
  • His top-two bucket list items are to travel every continent in the world and to produce a music video for a famous artist.
  • If Raf could time travel, he says he’d most like to experience New York during the disco era.
  • When asked about his greatest accomplishment, Raf cites losing 50 pounds, making fitness part of his life and inspiring his family to do the same after he began working for IDEA.
  • His favorite workout style is interval training at Balboa Park in San Diego.
  • Raf says his hidden talent is singing made-up songs to his two dogs—a multitalented artist, indeed!

Sarah Kolvas

Sarah Kolvas is the content manager for IDEA.

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