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Meet a Team Member: Nicole Krum

Get to know our Inspired Service specialist Nicole Krum.

Nicole Krum with her mom and aunts

If we could measure warmth and vibrancy, our inspired service specialist Nicole Krum would no doubt score off the charts. A call to our office means likely encountering her kind support as she seamlessly ushers you through IDEA member services.

For the past 3 years, Nicole has been a shining light on our inspired service team, enthusiastically taking calls, answering questions and assisting event attendees.

She soaks up the time spent traveling to IDEA events and meeting our members. And like any bright light, she can hardly be contained: Nicole loves being outside golfing, hiking or kayaking. She even has an artistic flair that she expresses through painting.

“It is always fun hearing about what adventures she is off to next,” says fellow inspired service specialist Chris Dotson. “She is down-to-earth, and her happiness and good vibes radiate to everyone she encounters.” We second this glowing review.

The News on Nicole

Nicole Krum

  • If she could be any fitness equipment, Nicole would be a yoga mat. “I like that it can go anywhere,” she says. “I don’t want to be fixed to one place; I like to explore.”
  • When asked what her most challenging athletic accomplishment was, Nicole said, “Mastering my irons on the golf course. I almost shot a hole-in-one this summer!”
  • She cites selling one of her paintings as her next goal.
  • If Nicole’s luminous personality doesn’t dazzle you, perhaps her hidden talent will. “I can whistle almost any tune,” she says.
  • Her top bucket list items naturally merge the outdoors with adventure: seeing the Aurora Borealis and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • An endearing fact worth mentioning is that Nicole has the purrfectly sized travel companion. “I try to take my cat, Tiger, with me everywhere I go,” she shares. “I have a leash and harness for him and even a backpack. He’s made it to several parks, including Mt. Rainier National Park!”

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