Keeping the IDEA machine running requires plenty of collaboration and effort behind the scenes. One key team member who works diligently to bring our products to life is senior digital designer Christopher Holtwick.

Always poised for a challenge, Christopher doesn’t shy away from an opportunity to think outside the box and expand his skill set. Our multitalented techie builds educational products, webpages and emails; produces webinars; and creates promotional videos, animations and digital banners. He’s even proven his musical chops by creating and playing as a one-man band on one of IDEA’s podcasts!

“His ability to perform such a diverse set of tasks is commendable,” says Melphin James, senior data analyst. “He touches on many important aspects of the business, and he is able to do it all. What is more amazing is his willingness to do even more.”

Behind his quiet determination and skilled innovation also lie a clever sense of humor, thoughtful conversation, and a passion for art and creativity.

When he’s not brainstorming at IDEA, Christopher enjoys an equally versatile life as a devoted husband and father, half-marathon runner, visual artist, and experimental musician.

Q&A With Christopher

Christopher Holtwick Musician

Q:  What’s your favorite fitness gear?

A:  I like to wear my Harajuku cat shirt when I run a race.

Q:  What should people know about you that they might never ask about?

A:  I am good at talking to people. I always thought that I could maybe be a TV host or something. While I feel like I come across as quiet and reserved, I can be quite chatty.

Q:  Which superhero would you want to be?

A:  Either Batman or Iron Man. They’re rich, have lots of gadgets, get away with a lot of stuff without getting into too much trouble, and have cool sidekicks but no real “super powers” to get in the way.

Q:  What are your favorite ways to spend your free time?

A:  I like to go hiking or biking with my kids and recording my Anti-Robot Experimental Space Rock Opera, NEOTOLEDO. (Check out his music here!)

Q:  What inspires you in life?

A:  I get pumped when my wife, Elizabeth, has an idea to go on an overseas adventure or start a new collaborative project, because I know that she will encourage and push until she brings out the best in me.