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by: Trina Gray

Fitness Entrepreneur

Narrow your services to expand your success.

Do you remember the days before GPS and smartphones? When taking a road trip meant pulling over to look at a map, making U‐turns and stopping at gas stations to ask for directions? We had a destination, but not the exact route. What if you ran your fitness business that way? Taking action with no clear path? It would be frustrating, wasteful and inefficient. The reality is that many personal trainers do approach their businesses in that fashion.

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Fitness Journal, Volume 14, Issue 5

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About the Author

Trina Gray

Trina Gray IDEA Author/Presenter

I love the business of fitness. I love coaching fitness professionals to do more with their skills and talents to change their communities. I teach trainers how to celebrate their way to success with smart business practices, savvy marketing and social media skills. My specialty is corporate fitness, on-line training, as well as owning and operating a full-service health club and a personal training studio. I am passionate and feel called to share it.