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Fitness Journal
 May 2017

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal- May 2017
Give Yourself a Hand
To your trove of anatomy facts, append knowledge of an often undervalued body part.
The Power of Visualization
Learn how to use the strategy of visualization to develop mental toughness for success in sport and fitness.
A Team Approach to Wellness
Lisa Dougherty thinks the expansion of "medical fitness" will be one of the most important and most positive changes in health care over the next few decades.
Creating a Client Avatar
Narrow your services to expand your success.
Take Advantage of Boomer Trends
Look for answers both inside and outside the fitness industry.
Embracing a Fitness Lifestyle
The right trainer coupled with the right mindset leads to long-term success.
Question of the Month
Parents Know Better, But Kids' Diets Aren't Healthy
When Students Grieve
As mind-body instructors, we can play an important role in our students' healing.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Cultivate whole-body wellness and a spirit of playfulness in clients of all ages.
A Yoga-Based Finish
Enhance body awareness, encourage deep breathing, and promote active and passive stretching.
Beach exercise
Sample Class: Kids’ Beach Boot Camp
Put kids through their paces with this summer-ready boot camp.
What’s Your Exit Strategy?
Take a look at the "expiration date" on your teaching career, and plan for a successful segue.
Learning, Growing and Thriving for 35 Years
We're pulling out all the stops to provide the most exciting, career-boosting IDEA® World Convention to date.
What’s Hot in Equipment: Fitness Pro Favorites
From body weight to wearables, these are some of the most popular fitness devices and techniques of 2017.
Comparing Periodization Strategies for Women cec
Research suggests weekly undulating periodization has some advantages over block periodization.
Weak Thighs May Lead to Knee Problems in Women cec
Research suggests that women are more likely than men to develop knee osteoarthritis (KOA).
The Latest in Water Fitness: Research Update cec
New science-based program trends are closing the gaps between young and old and between the underactive and the elite athlete.