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Creative Ideas That Inspire

Camp 4 at Mountain Challenge in Maryville, Tennessee, is an outdoor fitness facility inspired by Yosemite and created to counteract the obesity and inactivity epidemic. Once a week, Mountain Challenge’s backyard is open for recreational exercise and includes access to climbing, bouldering, group fitness classes and a yoga deck, as well as resistance bands and kettlebells for customized workouts. Student interns from the local college’s exercise science and physical education departments oversee the activities and help design programs.

bellicon® Bounce at bellicon Studio in Chicago incorporates high-quality mini-trampolines called bellicons. The trampolines (powered in part by bungee cords) offer a low-impact workout that combines cardio and strength interval training. The exercises boost cardio endurance while also toning the lower body, upper body and core. An upbeat soundtrack adds a high-energy boost in this intermediate class for participants who have some experience with rebounding.

Hollywood: Circuit, offered through F45 Training at locations worldwide, draws inspiration from Hollywood stuntmen. This 45-minute, high-intensity interval circuit features 27 stations designed to build strength, improve core stability and increase cardiovascular endurance. F45’s philosophy fuses HIIT, circuit training and functional moves for a unique, effective and fun fitness experience.

CrossFit® Momentum in Nyack, New York, provides programs geared toward new mothers. The gym’s owner, Stephanie Vaughn, says that while women need to be strong through the birthing process, pregnancy is not a time to be competitive, but rather a “time to stay fit and maintain.” Her programs support this process by providing modifications that protect the abdominal wall and pelvic floor.

GO-GO Dance Fusion at the Center of Movement Pilates and Functional Fitness in Grass Valley, California, blends elements of jazz and hip-hop dance techniques. Participants learn greater body awareness, basic go-go dancing skills and choreography. They also develop confidence and are encouraged to improvise. All dance levels, from beginning to advanced, are welcome.

Team Coaching, offered through Fitness First clubs throughout Australia, is a 6-week small group training program designed to help individuals meet their fitness goals and make confident food choices. The program utilizes the club’s Dynamic Movement Training philosophy, which “makes use of the body’s natural movement patterns with a series of three-dimensional exercises that work the entire body.” The groups cap at eight participants to ensure more individualized attention from the trainers while retaining the team mentality.

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