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Fitness Journal
 January 2018

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal- January 2018
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Dynamic group classes and functional programs help clients make lasting lifestyle change.
The Pelvic Floor: Base Support & More
This set of muscles is key to integrated function.
Personal Experience Inspires Client Success
The former 400-pound restaurant-manager-turned-personal-trainer uses his personal experience to help clients lose weight.
School of Fish
Upgrade your diet with the most nutritious and sustainable seafood.
Cultivating a Home Yoga Practice
Coach students on how to set aside distractions and commit to practicing on their own between classes.
The Secrets to Building a Successful Business and a Prolific Career
Elevate your purpose at the IDEA® Personal Trainer Institute in Alexandria, VA, March 1-4, and for the first time ever, in Dallas, April 5-8!
Water Fitness Magic: Method, Modeling and Music
Dive deeper into best practices for superior instruction.
Sample Class: Sweat, Strength & Stretch: S3
Keep participants engaged and active with this cardio, strength and yoga fusion workout.
Partner Up to Warm Up
Create common ground from the start.
50 Ways to Cut Calories cec
Review research about why diets and dieters continue to fail, and learn how small changes can lead to big results.
Get Social With Seniors cec
Group exercises help older clients fight isolation and stay with their fitness programs.
Move 3 for Every 30 cec
Studies show short activity breaks can combat the risks of sedentary behavior.