IDEA is committed to bringing whole-food and
nutrition education—which we feel could be even
more essential than exercise in the obesity equation—
to the forefront in our industry.

On January 5, watch for the launch of our newest e-newsletter, IDEA Food & Nutrition Tips. We know from a reader survey specifically about nutrition that 77% of you are providing some sort of nutrition service to your clients.

Conducted in July, our survey also revealed that almost 96% of you want an information vehicle focused solely on food and nutrition—and we have developed it for you. It will be published six times per year and will be free to anyone who has an interest in the subject matter. Content planned includes practical “how-to” aspects of food, cooking and nutrition; tips and tricks for staying on track; healthy recipes demonstrated on video; weight loss/diets; nutrition research; whole foods; and sports nutrition.

To sign up for this publication, go to: