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by Biray Alsac, MS on May 27, 2011

IDEA FitnessConnect

Integrating contacts with an IDEA FitnessConnect profile.

A list of current and prospective clients can be invaluable to fitness professionals promoting upcoming events, distributing newsletters and cultivating member relationships. IDEA FitnessConnect’s client management system makes it convenient for fitness professionals to manage and grow their clientele directly from their profile pages.

Every professional’s profile has a “Clients & Leads” tab that displays the list of contacts and categorizes each as “client” or “lead.” This information is visible only to the fitness professional and includes the names and e-mail addresses of all contacts and their newsletter subscription status. The source of each contact—whether it was generated via www.ideafit.com, acquired through a syndicate website or uploaded manually by the professional—is also indicated. Clicking on individual names brings up additional information such as phone numbers, addresses and any relevant notes.

Through IDEA FitnessConnect, fitness professionals can effortlessly organize event rosters, update client information and follow up on leads. Read on to learn how to integrate a contact list with your profile and discover ways to use this database more efficiently.

1. Create Your Contact List

Adding contacts to your “Clients & Leads” tab is easy. Click on the “Add Client” or “Add Lead” button and fill out the basic information. A bulk import feature is available for uploading multiple contacts using Excel spreadsheets, .csv files or .txt files. (Note: All client information remains exclusive to the fitness professional. IDEA will not e-mail or solicit to these individuals.)

2. Invite People to Classes and Events

If you already list your classes and events in the directory, you can further promote them by sending individual invitations to your contacts. Go to the “Classes & Events” tab, select “Rosters & Statistics” from the pull-down menu and choose contacts from the list. Invitations may appear more personal than a mass e-mail or group newsletter.

3. Increase Newsletter Readership

All contacts who subscribe to your newsletter have a green check mark next to their names in the “Clients & Leads” dashboard. With one click, you can grow your readership by adding new clients and leads to your recipient list. To reconnect with those who have opted out of your newsletter, follow up with an e-mail or phone call. (Note: The system prevents resubscribing contacts who have chosen to unsubscribe.)

4. Regularly Use the “Client Share” Button

The “Client Share” button allows you to easily forward fitness articles, event details, profile pages, blog posts or videos from the IDEA website to your list of contacts. Enhance your relationships by sharing any relevant health and fitness information with your clients and leads.

As your clientele grows, IDEA FitnessConnect has opportunities to align your contact list with other platform features. Why not get ahead by having members and participants fill out the “sign-up sheet” after an event or class (sheets are available for download from your profile’s “Clients & Leads” tab).

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