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June, 2011

IDEA Fitness Journal - June, 2011
Continuing Education Quizzes
Get up to four CECs quickly with the quizzes from this issue.
A System to Manage Clients and Leads
Integrating contacts with an IDEA FitnessConnect profile.
Sample Class: Water Walking Routes
Lead participants through a comfortable stroll that will boost confidence and function.
The Body Leverage Advantage
Use body leverage training to target the core from all directions.
Step Solutions
Take a quick refresher course on tap-free choreography.
The Four “PRE’s” of Sales Success
Make sales consultations more comfortable, and learn to close the deal.
Boot Camp for the Special-Needs Client
This client has overcome significant struggle to become the best he can be.
2011 IDEA World Fitness Awards Finalists
Honoring the accomplishments of veteran fitness pros.
Introducing the IDEA Career Guide
IDEA's new career portal at www.ideafit.com/fitness-career provides a free one-stop resource for content, certification guidance and numerous practical tools for fitness professionals in all stages of career development.
Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain
As a mind-body practice, yoga offers powerful tools for physical and emotional relief.
Exercise and Sexual Health cec
Research supports exercise intervention for reproductive wellness.
Metabolism Make-Over: Fact or Fiction? cec
Resting metabolic rate and weight loss questions answered and explained.
Build a Better Breakfast cec
Tips for optimal fueling when you wake up.
Heart Rate Training cec
Exercise results can be improved with proper use of a heart rate monitor.