Yin-Yang and Chi

The Taoist principle of yin-yang balance is very applicable to the already stressed lives of today’s children. In a mind-body program for kids, as in any children’s exercise program, moving slowly has to give way to moving fast. When you teach youngsters, always bring in fast and noisy activities for balance. The lesson for children is a grand one for lifelong application, but it is illustrated elegantly through movement: There is power in the quiet within you. A great martial artist possesses awareness of the “chi” inside her and also of the energy around her.

You can take this lesson on chi and balance a step further to enlighten kids about the importance of having happy, healthy chi within themselves. Try to impart to children the value of surrounding themselves with good energy and friendships. Good energy includes the way they think about themselves and the way they speak about, and to, others. I have talked with children about what happens when they speak badly about others—how negative chi is created—and how important it is to be kind to those around them. Emphasize being happy in the moment, and being aware of when they should remove themselves from a situation that feels unhealthy or wrong inside (drugs, potential fights, name calling, suspicious strangers, etc.). In general, kids are very open to the laws of attraction.