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Group exercise class using music for motivation
Self-Selected Music and Exercise Motivation

Fitness pros appreciate music’s power to motivate clients to enjoy training and to work harder. Trainers and facility owners alike are challenged by how to select the right music to achieve the highest levels of client satisfaction.

Illustration of hand pushing away germs to show exercise for flu
Physical Activity Lowers Risk of Death From Flu or Pneumonia

Flu season is a good time to remind clients of the value of consistent exercise. A recent study based on data from a nationally representative sample of US adults showed that if a person meets the minimum training guidelines for physical activity and muscle strengthening, they may reduce their risk of death by almost 50% when compared with people who do not meet any exercise guidelines.

Woman doing daily activity for cancer prevention
Short Bursts of Daily Activity and Cancer

Short bursts of vigorous lifestyle activity up to a total of four to five minutes per day is linked with a significantly reduced risk of cancer, according to findings described in JAMA Oncology

Timing of Exercise
Does Timing of Exercise Matter?

Analysis of data found that any timing of exercise, moderate to vigorous, is linked with lower risks of all causes of death.

Irrational Beliefs in Athletes
Athletes and Irrational Beliefs

Many competitive athletes hold irrational beliefs and self-judgmental thoughts that lower self-confidence and increase competitive anxiety.