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endless summer

Endless Summer

I’m longing for those carefree days and looking forward to some endless summer fun with family and friends after IDEA World Convention is wrapped up. Hiking, biking, rafting and horseback riding are all on my punch list for the trip. How did your childhood summers shape your fitness path? What are your memories and traditions of summer?

Wellness workout

How is Inflation Impacting Fitness?

How is inflation impacting your clients’ fitness and wellness budgets? Are people tightening their belts not because they’ve lost weight, but because they have fewer dollars to spend at the gym? A recent survey asked…

Corporate fitness

Benefits of Working in Corporate Fitness

Working in corporate fitness offers surprising benefits that you may not have considered and that, consequently, may sway the decision-making process based on personal and professional needs and preferences. Consider the following perks of working…

Behavior Change Apps

Using Behavior Change Apps

This article reviews research into the efficacy of behavior change apps and explores ways to apply the findings to effective program design.

Person water walking

Water Walking Works

Len Kravitz, PhD, professor of exercise science, shares two studies that support the decision to add water walking to your fitness routine.

Multiple arrows pointing up to represent future fitness trends

40 Future Fitness Trends to Grow Your Business

At IDEA, we’re fond of the number 40, especially this year. The not-so-secret reason? Because 2022 marks our 40th anniversary as a guiding force in health, fitness and nutrition. As we’ve grown up alongside the fitness industry, we’ve witnessed unimaginable transformation and scoped out future fitness trends. Take a look at these 40 solid pathways to success, some of which are already established and others that are emerging.

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