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Gamer playing mind games
Mind Games for Mental Performance

An ASICS study demonstrated that mind games can significantly improve cognitive function and mental performance among competitive gamers.

Group of people orienteering outside
Orienteering for Your Brain

If you offer orienteering sessions, you can promote the cognitive as well as physical advantages to boost brain training.

Daily walking reduced Alzheimer's risk.
Daily Walking Reduces Alzheimer’s Risk 

Research shows that for women ages 65 or older, each additional 31 minutes per day of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity was linked with a 21% lower risk of developing mild cognitive impairment or dementia.

Track Steps to Lower Dementia Risk

Keep urging clients to track their daily steps, and share with them that taking more steps is linked with a lower risk of all-cause dementia.

Time-Restricted Eating and HIIT
Time-Restricted Eating and HIIT

A study finds that combining time-restricted eating and HIIT is more effective at improving cardiometabolic health than either approach alone.

Body fat
Exercise for Body Fat Health

Moderate- and high-intensity continuous training over 12 weeks improves body fat tissue structure and boosts metabolism.

Runner jump roping outside
Jump Roping for Runners

Attention avid runners who are game for something different: Consider adding jump roping to your weekly routine!

Older woman doing exercise for osteoporosis
Exercise for Osteoporosis

Exercise improves bone mineral density for people with osteoporosis, but questions remain regarding safety and effectiveness.