Personal training is a popular activity because it helps clients achieve their goals. Although a new membership package may include several personal training sessions, over time the client pays extra for personal training. Often, businesses split the fee with the trainer.

In the January 2003 IDEA Health & Fitness Source, the newest compensation survey reported on average and median pay and hours for personal training staff. This report focuses on the most frequent response given by managers who completed the survey. You can quickly see the value of the most frequent response because the ranges between the minimum and maximum numbers vary.

When you look at these figures, be sure to refer back to the benefits section in the January 2003 IDEA Health & Fitness Source for a complete picture of how trainers
are compensated.

Personal Training
Industry Snapshot

  • 87% of IDEA member facilities offer personal training.
  • In IDEA member businesses, an average of 16 people per day attend personal training sessions.
  • $50 is the average session fee charged to clients (calculated from split).
  • 65% of personal trainers earn a percentage of the clients’ fees.
  • 50-50 is the most frequent split between trainer and business, closely followed by 60% trainer-40% business.
  • 54% of directors are paid separately for the sessions they teach.
  • 50.5% of IHRSA clubs report that personal training is among their 5 most profitable programs.