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Get a Grip on Your Strength

The new TRX Bandit™ and why every resistance band workout needs it.

TRX Bandit Handles

We’ve seen it all before—resistance band workouts, aka, those long stretchy exercise bands. Some are large circular loops. Some are straight flat elastic. There are tons of options and they’re great for all-around training—and even sports rehabilitation or physical therapy—but holding the band is super uncomfortable. The plastic pinches and digs into your palms, especially with heavier resistance, making it really difficult to load up with more weight. And when you can’t load up with more weight, it’s hard to get the most out of your workout.

The Solution: TRX Bandit™ Handle

TRX® has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to creating innovative workout gear. It’s part of the brand’s identity: TRX founder Randy Hetrick created the Suspension Trainer™ to help him stay in shape as a Navy SEAL, no matter where he was deployed. But the straps aren’t the only TRX training tool that’s portable, lightweight and easy-to-pack. Always the innovator, Randy first came up with the idea for a resistance band removable handle that was 1) super familiar and recognizable in design, 2) super comfortable and 3) arguably the most important, easy to put on and take off. The end result is their all-new product, the TRX Bandit™.

The TRX Bandit is a universal-fit, ergonomic handle that attaches to one or more strength bands (translation: the super premium TRX version of a resistance band) to improve comfort, control and performance in band exercises. Slide on the Bandit, and suddenly your workout mentality changes from “How do I position this band so it doesn’t hurt my hands?” to “How many reps can I crank out today?”

Here’s what makes the TRX BANDIT™ a must-have in your training kit:

  • adding a handle opens up a plethora of moves and weights you couldn’t achieve before
  • better comfort, control and performance
  • more strength, endurance and mobility moves
  • instantly recognizable, intuitive handle—no strange or clunky designs here
  • lightweight and small enough to fit in a backpack
  • portable for on-the-go training
  • textured rubber coating so your grip won’t slip
  • holds onto 1-2 Strength Bands

Take Your Strength Training Outside

When you pass your days trapped inside your home or office or car, what’s the thing you long for most? More time outside! Toss your Bandit Kit in your backpack or fanny pack—yes, it will fit in most fanny packs—and get ready for a full body burn wherever you go.

Some Workout Inspiration

Ready to work? Start with this body-anchored circuit. You’ll complete 10-12 reps in each set and repeat for three rounds:

Bandit Squats

Bandit Bicep Curls (either single side, repeat on each arm, or doubles)

Bandit Squat to Overhead Press

Bandit Rows Left

Bandit Rows Right

Bottom line is, resistance bands are a GREAT way to do both general resistance training and strength training. One of the best parts of resistance band training in particular is that, unlike traditional weights, it provides resistance throughout the entire course of a move. Translation: It never gets easier. For all the training geeks out there, it’s a super effective way to get more “time under tension,” which leads to greater strength gains faster. That’s what makes the TRX Bandit™ handle so effective, because it makes resistance band workouts all the more accessible and convenient.

Get Coached on Technique

As for the learning curve, it’s simple: Join the new TRX Training Club™ app to gain immediate access to plenty of TRX Bandit-specific workouts and getting-started videos. With a 30-day free trial to their All Access Membership, including daily LIVE classes and hundreds of stream-anytime On Demand workouts, it’s the easiest way to work out with your new Bandit handles.

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