Have you heard about or tried the Green Polka Dot Box™ (GPDB) yet? Think of it as a cyber Costco® model for natural and organic foods and products. This online store—at www.greenpolkadotbox.com—is one of the first retailers to take a non-GMO pledge for all the products it sells to its paid-membership audience. The company advertises up to 60% savings on organic products you may be buying anyway—all delivered to your doorstep.

Using cloth or recycled bags for groceries is a positive green initiative—except if your bags are actually turning green! When was the last time you washed yours? A survey by the Home Food Safety Program revealed that just 15% of Americans regularly launder or clean their grocery totes, which can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. “Cross-contamination occurs when juices from raw meats or germs from unclean objects come in contact with cooked or ready-to-eat foods like breads or produce,” says registered dietitian and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesperson Ruth Frechman, MA, RD. “Unwashed grocery bags [harbor] lingering bacteria which can easily contaminate your foods.” Get thee to a washing machine, stat!