In an effort to teach children the importance of fitness at an early age, Bally Total Fitness offers Bfit Family Fitness. This 8-week “creative play fitness program” targets 8- to 12-year-olds and their parents. A 45-minute class includes games, circuit training exercises, yoga and Kwando®.

Indoor cycling and yoga flow as one class in Cy-Yo. This “1-hour holistic cardio workout” begins with a 10-minute yoga flow warm-up, followed by a 40-minute indoor cycling class and 10 more minutes of yoga to refocus and create “positive energy in the body.” During the cycling portion, participants pay particular attention to energy centers, visualization techniques and breathing patterns.

IDEA member Linda Ciotola teaches Core Challenge at Island Athletic Club in Kent Island, Maryland. The flier entices readers to “discover the benefits that golfer Tiger Woods, Redskin’s lineman Ray Brown and … pitcher Curt Schilling have been talking about!” “Basically this is a kickboxing class combined with standing Pilates work, using Pilates breathing and the [abdominal] ‘scoop’ synchronized with the exhalations,” Ciotola says. “The emphasis is on core stabilization throughout the class. It’s lots of fun and a good workout.”

Revolution Fitness Center in La Jolla, California, provides kids a lesson in function and fun with Fun-Tional. The class helps kids ages 5–12 improve their strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, speed and confidence. The pint-sized participants use stability balls, medicine balls and various body-weight exercises. The focus, according to the company’s website, is on “training movements and not isolated muscles.”

Participants access their own natural flow in Total Rhythm. Robert Wallace tapped into his African dance and percussion background to create a program that combines “tall, standing drums … dance and fitness moves, stretching, chanting and clapping.” The result, according to the Total Rhythm website, is a “dynamic body and soul workout [that] reconnects students with their natural rhythm.”

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