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June, 2006

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - June, 2006
8-day Yoga Intervention
Positive lifestyle modifications can improve important biochemical indices associated with heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes mellitus.
Developing Better Concentration
Discover how to concentrate like a champion.
Reconnect, Refocus
Target your programming on helping participants discover their inner fitness enthusiast.
Yoga for Chronic Pain cec
Adapted practices and interventions from hatha yoga help pain sufferers learn how to cope and thrive.
One-Stop Shopping
Longevity and variety keep Greg Justice and AYC Health & Fitness in good shape.
Fairway Safety and Performance
Design a conditioning program that will prepare the golfer’s body for the stresses of the sport.
The Elbow Joint
Anatomy, two common injuries and postrehab strategies.
Injury Prevention: Pilates
Use the six core principles of Pilates to teach a safe class.
Exploring Mind-Body Modalities cec
A revealing review of the latest scientific studies dealing with the psychological benefits of different mindful types of exercise.
Pilates Equipment Liability & Safety cec
Liability and safety issues merit serious focus and planning as members demand more Pilates-based activities.
Taming Stress
Discover strategies for getting to the root of—and tackling—your stressors.