. . . Cardio Canine, a hands-free harness and dog leash “for an active lifestyle”; . . . Weight Watchers On-the-Go, a program for Palm-based devices that synchronizes with online weight management services; . . . facial acupuncture, a popular new alternative to Botox® injections and plastic surgery; . . . the InSync Sentry, an implantable gadget that monitors the amount of fluid around the heart and also works as a defibrillator; . . . the emergence of belly dancing as a popular form of group exercise in many health clubs; . . . Cuts Fitness For Women, which provides “30-minute workouts in a high-end environment” (a new sister franchise to Cuts™ Fitness For Men) . . . and Brand New You, a weight management program from General Mills that uses foods “already found in most pantries.”