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Funky techniques, breath work and music help clients recapture the joy of movement.

Rumble at Rebel in London is a high-energy HIIT format in a fully immersive environment. With low, creative lighting and a specially curated soundtrack, participants build strength with explosive speed as they punch, jab and perfect their boxing footwork in “a cardio boxing battle that’s no holds barred.” The gym, which has two locations, also features an adjacent hair salon where participants can go after their class for a blow dry, cut, beard trim or other beauty service.

PK Move is a nonprofit organization in Alexandria, Virginia, that brings parkour movements to special populations. In PK Silver, adults over 50 enjoy low-impact movement outdoors. Instructors focus on the specific needs of this age group and use body-weight exercise to help them build strength, agility and balance. The fun games and obstacle courses allow participants to recapture the playful spirit of childhood, as well as increase their physical and mental fitness.

Lactic Jungle at Gym Box™ at various locations in London falls into a category called “Sweat Drench” on the studio’s schedule. This high-intensity bodyweight class fuses animal movement and HIIT. During the class, gym-goers perform moves like crab walks, bear crawls, scorpions and lizard crawls to let their inner animal run free. Participants can expect to increase their strength, balance and cardio fitness, according to the website.

Ecstatic Flow Reboot at Wanderlust Hollywood begins with 75 minutes of physically challenging, music-driven vinyasa flow yoga that allows participants to sweat and burn off their physical energy. Once they’re “cracked open physically,” as the website states, attendees segue into 45 minutes of “Ecstatic Breathwork”: rhythmic breathing paired with music. Students are given takehome, actionable practices and are invited to stay after class for tea and further discussion.

Breakdancing at Brooklyn Zoo in Brooklyn, New York, is just what it sounds like: a class designed to teach the core foundations of breakdance moves to students at any level—no prior dance experience required. Breakdancing combines movements from hip-hop, house, gymnastics and yoga. Participants learn and practice power moves, pop and lock, top rock, down rock, freezes and other breakdancing techniques.

Spirit Fit was created by Delilah Barton in Pocatello, Idaho, and is a faith-based class taught twice weekly at two local churches. This offering provides an opportunity for spiritual as well as physical growth. The accessible dance workouts are set to music with uplifting and encouraging messages. The hope is that in addition to burning calories, participants can have some wholesome fun and nurture their spirits, with health tips included along with faith-based messages. “We address the person as a whole,” Barton says in a press release.

Lisa Quigley

Lisa Quigley is the Publications Assistant at IDEA Health & Fitness Association. She considers herself first and foremost a writer. Her love of words and stories inspired her to pursue a degree in English and continue on to receive an MFA in Creative Writing.

During her academic pursuits, Lisa also discovered yoga. Her personal practice was so powerfully transforming that she decided to become a yoga teacher. In 2012, she was certified at the 200 hour level. She spent the next three years teaching at multiple yoga studios throughout San Diego County. As a yoga teacher, she seeks to encourage people to love and accept themselves as they areÔÇöwhile at the same time welcoming opportunities for growthÔÇöso they can feel more at home in their bodies and lead more fulfilling lives.

The position at IDEA Health & Fitness Association allows Lisa to combine all of her interests in one place. She is thrilled to be part of a company who's mission aligns so closely with her own vision and values.

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