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Fitness Journal
 June 2017

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal- June 2017
Fitness and Flexible Blood Vessels
Exercise offers a unique boon to the circulatory system.
Get in the Game!
Fitness facilities are discovering the value of gamification.
Physical Literacy Is a Journey, Not a Destination
Steve Boyle aims to provide physical literacy opportunities for all people—throughout their lifetimes—so they can learn, explore and practice skills of movement, nutrition and self-regulation.
The Poetry of Yoga
Fusing poetry with yoga can deepen students' appreciation of both.
Creative ideas that Inspire
Funky techniques, breath work and music help clients recapture the joy of movement.
3 Effective Abs Exercises Anyone Can Do
Target the core from all angles while giving participants choices.
9 Ways to Elevate the Group Fitness Experience
The next time you head to class with a great playlist and program, think about how to make your attendees feel.
“Detoxing” Requires Guts!
Good food and hydration, plus the human body's built-in detox brilliance, promote the optimal digestion and absorption at the core of your clients' nutritional fitness.
Is Advertising on Social Media Worth the Cost?
How to make paid promotions work for you.
Weight Loss and the Resistant Client
Sometimes the one thing holding a person back from change is fear.
6 Reasons Why Nature May Be the Best Gym
Looking to inject variety into your clients' training experience? Sometimes the better option for staging a workout lies in the great outdoors.
From Stroke to Strength cec
Helping stroke survivors means tapping into the brain's natural rewiring process.
Exercise and Children: Better Brain Health, Less Obesity, Less Stress cec
Two studies reinforce the benefits reaped by children who get plenty of exercise early in life.
The 6-Step Approach for Creating New Habits cec
Help your clients change behaviors and navigate the habit loop.