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by Joy Keller on Apr 29, 2009


Get a cross-section of your membership involved in your programs.

The University of Florida Department of Recreational Sports gets executive with its class descriptions for Upper Management and Lower Management. Both classes focus on building core strength, but the former is all about arms, chest, shoulders and upper back, while the latter homes in on the legs and glutes.

The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco offers members a bit of dance theater with Modern Moves & Hip Rhythms. This class is “saturated with hip shakes and spiral undulations inspired by the hip-seducing rhythms of Brazil, Argentina and the Middle East,” according to the online schedule, which also describes the class as “approachable yet challenging for all levels.”

PGA F.I.T at PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, combines cardio and sculpting intervals. This all-level offering is designed for cardiovascular conditioning, muscle endurance and fat burning.

IDEA member Pauline Geraci teaches Kettlebell Fusion at the Montesano Fitness Center in Montesano, Washington. The 45-minute class works every body part with an eclectic mix of kettlebells, The Body Bar®, body weight exercises, free weights, medicine balls, plyometrics, sandbags, jump ropes, karate and circuits.

Beehive Fitness in Boca Raton, Florida, gives its members a taste of the triathlete life with The Brick. This class combines 20 minutes of suspension training on the TRX®, 20 minutes of time trials on the bicycle (with onboard computers) and a 20-minute run to the beach. According to IDEA member Bryer Tindell, this class is “perfect for beginners because it gives them a sample of everything we do, and it is also perfect for conditioned athletes because they can go against their personal time every time.”

With the program CSI, the Fortenberry-Colton Physical Fitness Center in Fort Rucker, Alabama, uses a little name association to get its members interested. Cardio Strength Intervals alternates between athletic cardio and strength training segments to help “increase speed, power, agility and balance.” Participants get to use a variety of equipment, including the BOSU® Balance Trainer, jump ropes, stability balls, medicine balls and steps.

The Vaughan Athletic Center in Aurora, Illinois, gets the entire family involved with Family Kick It! This kickboxing class includes mom, dad and kids (7 and up) and also teaches self-defense.

The Sandra and Leon Levine Jewish Community Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, hearkens back to the foundation of group fitness with Jacki’s Dance. This class is based on moves created by fitness pioneer Jacki Sorensen. According to the class schedule, Jacki’s Dance is “high-energy and fun-filled” and takes members through a series of “simple-to-follow choreographed high-low moves, sculpting and core-body conditioning.”

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